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Written by 
Lauren Bratten
CEO of Color Field Content
Posted on 
December 20, 2023

Subject: Use These 4 Tips to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travels!

Dear [Recipient],

As the holiday season approaches, various gatherings and impending travel might have you preparing for disruption to your typical schedule. Maintaining your health in the hustle and bustle can be a challenge, but neglecting your well-being can leave you feeling less than your best–which no one wants during the holidays!

Here are four practical tips to ensure balance and wellness during your holiday travels— and these apply even if you're skipping the jet-setting and celebrating at home!

  1. Don't Skip Taking Your Supplements: You know your supplements make you feel better, so sticking to your supplement routine is crucial, especially during the holidays. It's easy to forget when your routine is out of wack, so consider setting a daily reminder on your phone. To make it convenient during travel, invest in a travel pill organizer. Your body will thank you for the consistency!
  2. Movement, Even If It Looks Different: The constant demands of the season can easily throw off your regular exercise routine. But whether it's swapping a weightlifting session for a brisk walk with loved ones or adding in stretch breaks during travel, maintaining physical activity is key. If you're hitting the road, take those extra moments during pit stops to stretch.
  3. Embrace Enjoyable and Nourishing Foods: The holidays are a time for connection, and often, these connections revolve around shared meals. Don't feel compelled to be overly restrictive, especially when faced with your grandma's homemade rolls! Allow yourself to savor the moment and return to your usual eating habits the next day. Balance is key, and so is the enjoyment of good food!
  4. Cultivate Thankfulness: Spending time with family can stir all the feels, not to mention, your jam-packed schedule might be keeping you on the verge of a meltdown. Center yourself by focusing on thankfulness. Consider starting a gratitude journal or start a text thread with a friend dedicated to sharing moments of thankfulness. It's a simple practice that can keep you grounded.

And, if your holiday travels and festivities leave you feeling a bit depleted, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jill and come in to see us.

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Wishing you a joyful and health-filled holiday season!

Best regards,

Dr. Jill
Pinnacle Health & Wellness

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