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Copywriting services scalable to the needs and budget of your business.


Write Your Own Homepage That Converts! Template

Know you need compelling and optimized copy for your homepage but don’t have the budget right now to work with me directly? Color Field Content presents a homepage template in PDF form that shows you exactly what you (or your robot friend) need to plug in to create a homepage crafted to convert!

This template includes:

  • The flow and sections needed to write a homepage that reads well to humans and makes Google/SEO happy, too!
  • AI prompts so you know exactly what to put into ChatGPT if you don't want to write the copy yourself.
  • Copy examples featuring various industries so you can get a feel of what the copy might look like for your biz.
  • Look and feel of a real website for my visual learners out there.

Use this template to write your homepage copy to share with your web designer, or use it to aid with copywriting as you design your own website.

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The Ultimate Content and Copy Audit

Are you lacking the results you really want from your website, email campaigns, or blog content? Let’s boost your content strategy and ensure every word drives success! In this audit, I’ll help you maximize the written portion of your marketing efforts, including your website, emails, blogs, and lead magnets. 

I’ll evaluate your written communications to ensure your content reaches the right people and leads prospective customers along the buyer’s journey, ultimately increasing your revenue and ability to impact more lives.

The audit includes:

  • Analysis of website copy, email campaigns and corresponding lead magnets, and blog content.
  • Analysis looks for compelling storytelling, established and consistent brand voice, UX (user experience), and grammar, spelling, and readability.
  • Downloadable presentation of findings including recommendations of actionable items.

Use these recommendations to boost your brand's visibility and reach, attract and engage your target audience effectively, and drive more leads and conversions.

*Interested in bundling with an SEO & website, organic & paid social media, or brand identity audit? Allow me to connect you with my trusted industry colleagues!

One-Time Copywriting Services

Are you working on creating a website for a new business or planning all the email funnels needed to successfully promote the launch of a new offer, service, or product? 

One-time copywriter services allow you to collaborate with an experienced copywriter to ensure your messaging speaks to your ideal client, your content strategy is dialed in, and your copy is original, on-brand, SEO-friendly, and crafted to convert. 

One-time projects are ideal for:

  • Written content for new website builds or website rebrands
  • Copy and strategy for full offer launches, including landing pages, email funnels, lead magnets, and social media copy
  • Other one-time projects like pitch decks, e-books, business features in print or digital publications, and print marketing
  • Copyediting (a second set of eyes) for content you or your team have already created.

If you’re stressing about writing your copy yourself or just need to outsource it so you can continue to focus on what you do best, let’s chat and see if working together would be a good fit!

Retainer/On-Going Copywriting Services

Sure, you enjoy writing your “monthly” newsletter, and you always have a great list of blog ideas. But if those tasks consistently end up on the back burner, hiring Color Field Content on a retainer is for you!

When you work with me on a recurring basis, you’ll have the peace of mind that your content is actually going out every month.

Consistent email marketing means you’ll:

  • Stay top of mind with your email list so you’re there when they need your services.
  • Your loyal crew always hears about your new offers and specials.
  • You’re more likely to get referrals from happy current and former customers.

Consistent blogging means:

  • Search engines gain more insight into your business, so they know where to make your website appear in search.
  • Search engines recognize your website is relevant because you’re constantly updating it.

For additional projects:

  • When you have Color Field Content on retainer, you’re at the top of my queue when one-time projects come up.
  • You already have a writer in your corner who knows your brand voice, goals, and other offers inside and out.

Not seeing what you’re looking for here? Let’s chat! I customize retainer services to meet the copy needs of your business. And I consistently collaborate with other digital marketing agencies and can white label as the copy expert on your team, too!

Starting at $500/month