How to Work With a Copywriter on a Budget

Many small business owners out there know they need help with the copywriting on their marketing materials. But not everyone has the budget to hire a copywriter, especially when they are first launching their business. Learn how to get the most of a copywriting service on a budget.

Written by 
Lauren Bratten
CEO of Color Field Content
Posted on 
December 20, 2023

Many small business owners out there know they need help with the copywriting on their marketing materials. But not everyone has the budget to hire a copywriter, especially when they are first launching their business. The majority of my clients are either retainer clients wanting regular content creation or one-time projects working on building out a new website or email marketing campaign.

But, recently, I had the pleasure of helping a registered dietician with copywriting and we worked together in a new way that I think is the perfect model for getting help with copywriting on a budget. So in this blog, I’ll share with you what our process looked like and what kinds of content she got from our time together.

Lower Monthly Fee, Small Chunks of Content

Registered dietician Ciara, from 3 in 1 Nutrition, came to me because she knew she wanted to narrow her niche to focus on fertility nutrition. She knew her website wasn’t designed to address her new niche and that her blogging strategy had been a bit random.

When we first met over Zoom, I took some time just to learn about Ciara, her niche, and her expertise. The package she signed up for was roughly an hourly package, so she could decide to use my time in a consulting role, for content creation, or both—and we certainly did a mix of these things during our first six months of working together.

As I learned about the goals of 3 in 1 Nutrition and Ciara’s ideal client, I both consulted with her on maximizing her keywords on her website and helped her write new copy for her home page and about page that was more aligned with her refined mission.

Because of the lower investment, we reworked her website over a matter of months instead of all at once.

My Blogging Skills With Your Expertise

One of the most frequent questions I get as a copywriter is, “how do you write about topics you don’t know about?” This was certainly one of Ciara’s questions. To start, I learned a lot about her business through our various Zoom calls. 

And there were times writing for her homepage or about page when I knew what we were dealing with was nuanced and delicate. So I’d leave her notes letting her know, “Hey, this is how I worded this piece based on what we talked about, but I have a feeling you’ll be able to say it in a better way.”

In those cases, Ciara had the option to ask me for edits, or she was able to take what I wrote as a baseline and work on it on her own from there. Either way, it eased her burden of getting the ball rolling on content creation.

When it came to actually outsourcing blog writing to me, Ciara and I decided the easiest workflow would be for her to create an outline, and then I would flesh it out into the full blog post. In the outlines, she would share some sources with me, and I would use those sources to educate myself further. I’d also supplement the outline with sources and information from my own online resources (aka Google is my best friend.)

I was able to lean on Ciara’s expertise, which I needed to do because, as a registered dietician, she has extensive training that I didn’t want to disrespect. And she was able to trust that she could publish a new blog each month with minimal effort on her part. 

Your Business’s Messaging Can Get an Upgrade, and It Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

It’s this kind of working relationship that I’ve found to be ideal over my six-plus years as a copywriter. Knowing that I can embody your voice and portray your message (whether in a blog, email, website copy, ebook, etc.) and that you won’t have to think about it twice is the peace of mind I provide to my clients.

And in the case of Ciara, as a single practitioner running her own business, she didn’t have a massive marketing budget to overhaul her website in a month. But over six months, I provided her with great content and education, and it didn’t have to break the bank.

Also, big shoutout to the team at Estus Digital for the connection and for continually helping support Ciara with her web design and backend support.

If you’re curious what you and I could do together for your business over the next six months, shoot me an email at or fill out the contact form on my website!

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